Apply to GEC

How to Apply

Apply Now!

Students can apply online now or email our Genesee Early College office to request a printed application.

Application Requirements

  • Include 8th grade report card or a high school transcript with the application. Contact the student's current school for report cards/transcripts.

  • Include a copy of the discipline and attendance profiles, which can be obtained from the student's current school. If your student does not have any discipline/behavior records, you must provide a signed/dated statement from the school district stating there are no behavior records.

  • Applicants must take the Star reading and math assessments to determine skill levels. Both assessments will be administered at the Genesee Early College office.

Did You Know?

At Genesee Early College, we are proud of the many successes of the program and our students!   

  • Our student SAT scores are the highest in the county for reading/writing.

  • The percentage of GEC students meeting college readiness benchmarks on the SAT is consistently higher than the statewide average.

  • GEC students outperformed in Evidence-Based Reading/Writing on the PSAT 9, PSAT, and SAT.

  • The class of 2023 earned an average of 46 college credits.

  • On average, GEC students pass 95% of college classes.

  • The average college GPA for the graduating class of 2023 was 3.23.

  • GEC students scored in the top 7 of all Genesee County high schools in math.